San Valentino

The creation of S. Valentine’s day

San Valentino

Valentine’s day is annually celebrated on February 14th. It was instituted to celebrate S. Valentine, this holiday was established two centuries after S. Valentine died as a martyr around 270 a.c. His remains are in the Terni’s basilica (Terni is a city located in Umbria region in the center of Italy) where you can read “San Salentino patrono dell’amore” (“Saint Valentine patron of love”) and for this it is lover’s day. On this day the lovers exchange gifts, especially the man sends flowers or gives chocolates to his woman and invites her to a nice restaurant for a romantic dinner.
During history there have been many people for whom the art of seduction was a science, with special importance at the table and food. For example Casanova relied on oysters and Napoleon trusted on the property of the truffles.

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